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Fast Facts

Fast Facts

“this is not a normal car wash”

  • We use 100% fresh town water to wash all vehicles.  Over 1000ltrs per vehicle. If it’s not fresh we’ll give you ten times your money back, guaranteed. 

  • At the rear of the carwash, under the steel lids, is the largest oil separator at any car wash in the world. It goes down 3.6 meters and holds up to 20 cubic meters of sand.  Hundreds of times larger than any other carwash. 

  • We remove over 300 cubic meters (30 truck loads) of sand from vehicles each year.

  • This car wash has to own and operate its own excavator and truck to manage this task.

  • Our full auto bay has the longest underbody wash in the world. 

  • Our High Pressure guns run at 1100PSI. That’s 50% stronger than the industry average of 700PSI

  • Our bays are wider and taller to accommodate 4WD’s and their accessories. 

  • A dozen computers monitor and control every aspect of this highly complex car wash.

All of this makes this the most sophisticated and costly to operate fresh water underbody wash of its kind in the world - designed specifically for 4WD’s just off the beach - don’t trust your 4WD to anyone else.

Auto Bay

$36 for Full Auto Wash ($44 value) 

Includes Full Auto Underbody Wash ($19 value) including soap, wash, rinse and rust inhibitor WITH Full Auto Touch Free Car Wash ($25 value)  including gatling gun prewash undercarriage mega blaster and wheel wash; over-body foam pre-soak; high pressure soap wash; low pressure rust inhibiting wax; high pressure rinse; spot free turbo air dry
Accepts Credit Cards Only (NO CASH) Simply Tap Card & Drive Into Centre - 5 Minutes - Clean and Gone!

Manual Bays

Full Auto Underbody Wash including soap, wash, rinse and rust inhibitor

Full Self Serve Options on Manual High Pressure Gun or Foaming Brush including presoak, tyre and engine cleaner, foaming brush, wax, high pressure soap, high pressure rinse.

$19 for Auto Underbody Wash, $2 per minute for Manual Handheld High Pressure Gun or Foaming Brush
Accepts $2 & $1 Coins and Credit Cards.  Change Machine is at Rear of Washbays and Accepts Cards and Notes
Detailed Instructions in Bay

Vacs and Vending


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